Denver Update!


Here’s your update…

As you know, I had to go in to have a Hysteroscopy performed in preparation for my impending FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) in Denver! And, as you also know, I’m terrified of needles….especially IVs! Anytime I need an IV, blood draw, etc. I prepare myself with lidocaine cream! Since I was unsure which hand they would use, I covered both! (I don’t mess around when it comes to IVs!!)

As (my) luck would have it, they were unable to find the vein in either hand, so they went for my un-lidocained wrist!!!! Ugh!! To make matters worse, they wouldn’t allow Brandon in with me!

Once the IV was settled, and I regained my color/breathing (I’m not kidding) I was good to go! I literally never fear anesthesia, it’s JUST the IV!

While I was alone, I thought I would pass some time sending Brandon ridiculous selfies (I have no shame)…..

FINALLY Brandon is allowed to come back!! Mid conversation, his phone rings…. It’s the Littles (aka-my children), MDO program saying there has been a water line break, and everyone needs to be picked up. Uhhhh…well…ok then…

Bye bye Brandon!!

(Somehow he managed to pick up the kids, drop them off with Jen (my sister), and get back to the hospital before I got out of surgery! Yes, I married SuperMan!)

Surgery went well. They found a bit of scar tissue and removed it, so I should be all set!!

My box of meds has been delivered! To be honest, I forgot how much “stuff” there is to keep track of! Although, an FET cycle is MUCH easier, and MUCH less complicated than a full IVF cycle!

(Someone messaged and asked the difference between an FET and full cycle – here’s the gist of it: A full IVF cycle is used to actually collect eggs/sperm and then fertilize, hoping to create an embryo. In an FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) all that work has already been done, and the embryo has already been created and frozen. Mine was created with my IVF cycle in 2012 and this is the only remaining embryo we have.)

Injections began on the 15th. I was a bit worried since it’s been awhile since I’ve had them, but it wasn’t too bad! I’m currently doing Lupron injections daily, and will soon add daily Lovenox injections to prevent any sort of blood clotting issues.

If I’m lucky I will be on the Lovenox injections the next 9 months because that will mean I’m pregnant!

So…there you go! Right now the transfer is set for the end of March, but it can always change. I will start blood work and ultra sounds in a couple weeks which will give us a better timeline.


Thanks to all for the continued prayers!!