Sitting in the hotel in Denver (waiting on dinner) and it dawned on me that I never updated my last blog from a month ago.  When I was here last, it was for the initial testing for our 3rd (and final) embryo.  I had hoped that everything would go as planned, and they would clear us for transfer, but that wasn’t quite the way it worked out.  Apparently I have some scar tissue and some sort of “mass” that needs to be “cleaned out” in order to give our little ice baby the best chance, so here I am.

Surgery has been scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:45am, but should be very short and simple.  I’m having a harder time dealing with the fact that I have to get an IV tomorrow than I am with the procedure itself!  You would think with nearly 300 injections and nearly 100 blood draws under my belt I would be rockstar with needles, but not even close!  I still don’t go near a needle without at least an hour under a bandaid with lidocaine cream!  However, I’m not the one who needed apple juice this morning during some routine blood work that Brandon and I had to update.  hahahahaha!!  Truth be told – I almost passed out from a simple finger prick that I wasn’t expecting!  (yes, I would have covered my finger tip with lidocaine cream had I known!!)

They require a 6 week recovery time before allowing for a transfer, which is perfectly fine since we hadn’t planned on doing it until August/September.

Anyway – there’s the update!  Say a little prayer that they get everything, and we get to go home Wednesday!  I already miss my babies terribly!!