Welcome Baby Duncan!



He’s here!!!  He’s here!!! 

World….meet Duncan Hightower!  Duncan…meet the world!


Today I got to meet our very first Starfish baby, and I am in love!  He is the absolute sweetest thing!  He was the most perfect baby for his session, and it was hard not to cry during the family portraits because I know what Casey and Tracey are feeling.  The roller coaster they have been on trying to get to this point has been so emotional, but now holding baby Duncan they know it has been worth every bit of it.


Duncan has made me see just WHY I was put through my own journey of infertility.  For me, it wasn’t just about becoming a “Mom” it was about putting me on a path to help others become mothers/fathers.  I always struggled with the idea that I wouldn’t be able to help everyone who needed it, which is why the Starfish story was so meaningful to me.  Sitting here, holding this one little boy, I know one is all that matters and I am fulfilling my purpose.