It’s Time to Award the Braxton Grant!!

Something truly amazing has happened. Most people may not realize what goes in to deciding who to award our grants to. It takes hours to read through the applications (and yes, I personally read every single word) and try to process all of the information. It is SO incredibly hard to narrow down the applicants because every one of them are deserving of a grant. After many hours, we were finally narrowed down to 2 applicants, but were really struggling with choosing. We actually delayed the announcement because more prayers needed to be said for guidance…. And then it happened….. I received an unbelievable phone call. A gentleman (who wishe to remain anonymous) called and asked if it would be possible to sponsor a grant. Wait.. What?!?!?! What an incredible gift!! Because of the generosity of this person, we awarded TWO grants! Each couple will receive $5,000 toward their upcoming treatment.


Nicole and David Moss

With medical issues preventing a natural pregnancy, IVF has been their only option. In 2016 they suffered their first miscarriage, and in early 2017 they sadly lost their twins at 8 weeks pregnant. They still have 3 precious embryos remaining, and are very much looking forward to another transfer in early 2018.  You can follow their story via Instagram or on their Youtube channel (


Josh and Brooke Nebel


After suffering with stage 3B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (and subsequent relapse) Brooke went through ovarian cryopreservation hoping to preserve her future fertility. Unfortunately, the cancer returned yet again and she ended up going through another stem cell transplant. The transplant was a success and she has been in remission ever since! Because of the multiple relapses, she was advised not to implant her tissue as it is potentially contaminated with cancer as well, so she and Josh must go another route to grow their family.

We are absolutely thrilled to follow these couples in their journey, and look forward to announcing BIG news for all of them down the road!

If  you, or someone you know is looking for infertility support, please don’t hesitate to reachout! If you are looking for an amazing non profit to support this holiday season, please click HERE!

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