Denver Update and Baby #3


For the past couple of months quite a few people have asked if our final embryo transfer was successful.  Most have assumed it was not since I had yet to post an update. For that, I’m sorry!

Our original plan was to transfer our 3rd (and final) embryo in August or September.  As time passed (which seems to happen much more quickly now with toddlers running around) and August was staring us in the face, we “reevaluated” our plan.  As much as we wanted our children to be closer in age (and to be honest I was trying to avoid the ridiculous “I had a baby in my 40s” stigma) we realized that our lives were so completely full that a few extra months would be perfect for us!

As of now, we are looking to Denver in February/March of 2015!  Not to worry, I will be sure to update everyone as the transfer approaches. If you haven’t seen it on the blog, we haven’t done it!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers for our family!  The twins have been such an amazing blessing to us, and we are enjoying every minute with them!  Yes, it can be completely exhausting and challenging at times, but my life is amazing!