Changing lives in 365 days


Arriving home from our very first “family of four” vacation, I find myself looking back on the past year of my life.

One year ago today, Brandon and I were in Denver (CCRM) anticipating the transfer of 2 embryos to me from our 4th IVF cycle.  Before the transfer could take place, blood work had to confirm that all of my “levels” were where they should be, and the embryos had to be thawed and reviewed for viability.  After my levels came back perfect, we waited for the embryologist.  Did they thaw successfully?  One or both?  Were they expanding?  And of course, the most important question…were we moving forward with the transfer???

Even as I type this, a year later, and knowing the outcome, I can feel my blood pressure rising, as the anxiety courses through me anew.

Nearly 4 years of struggle, surgeries, hundreds of needles, disappointment after disappointment, all came down to this….

As the embryologist rolled the incubator into the room,  I held my breath….

Much of what he said was a blur, but for one phrase….”they couldn’t look any better.”

“THEY!!”  That meant that had BOTH made it, and were to be transferred!!



At 12:30pm, embryo #6 and #7 (who we would later name Bexleigh and Braxton) were transferred to me.  Six days later we saw our first ever positive pregnancy test.  And at 38 weeks and 1 day, I delivered a healthy 7lb8oz baby girl, and a healthy 6lb4oz baby boy.


It amazes me how different life can look in a mere 365 days.

We celebrate our tremendous blessings, pray for those who continue to struggle, and look forward to our future – full of hopes and dreams for these miracles that God so graciously entrusted to us.