And so it begins…. The Road to Baby #3


The time has come to start down the path to a hopeful baby #3.  When we decided to postpone the transfer in September, it was based on the fact that we just weren’t quite ready to go through all of this again.  The emotional roller coaster it puts you through wouldn’t be worth it for anything else than the possibility of being able to hold another baby in our arms.  We just weren’t ready.

The extra few months have been a God send, and exactly what we needed!  Being able to celebrate the holidays, spend time as a family of 4, and just “let go” of everything else was amazing.  The months have flown by, and here we are!  The difference is that I am having no second thoughts about timing.  Yes, if it works I will be pregnant during a ridiculously hot Nashville summer, but I don’t care.  I am ready to go after baby #3 at full force!!  And we are SO excited about the possibility of adding to our family!

Here’s what’s to come:  I had some routine blood work done last week to check my Vitamin D and TSH levels. (waiting on the results) On Wednesday, I need to have a small procedure done as a follow up to my last surgery.  Not a big deal at all except for the IV that I despise!  Not to worry, I will be armed with my lidocaine cream!!  Ha!  If all goes well, I will start on birth control pills (hysterical to me that you take BCPs while trying to GET pregnant) and then my Lupron injections will begin in about 2 weeks.  **I will apologize now for anything I say/do while on Lupron.  It’s a CRAZY drug, and I take NO responsibility for the way I act during the month I’m on it!!!**  Please pray for Brandon during this time as he’s going to need it while putting up with me!  I have been known to knock an entire box of Cheerios out of his hand (and then walk away w/o cleaning it up) simply because he didn’t like what I had planned for dinner!  Funny now, but not so funny when it happened.

Anyway, then comes Lovenox injections (which I will have to continue throughout my pregnancy, as I did with the twins, due to a blood clotting factor that I have) Progesterone injections or patches, lining checks, blood draws, and then FINALLY a transfer!  Wow!  I had almost forgotten how involved this was!! If all goes as planned, we will be looking at a mid March transfer in Denver!!!

Please keep our family in your prayers during our journey!   I will continue to update as we go!